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Painter Portland

A fresh coat of paint will upgrade the exterior and interior of your home. It also boosts the curb appeal and value of your property. Portland Painter offers professional consultations and assistance for homeowners in choosing the right type and shade of paint according to your budget. We provide full services and expert painters to turn your home into a modern and brand new area.

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Services We Offer

House Painting

Painting homes is a small scale job with a few professional painters available for different projects. House painting usually takes a few days to weeks, mostly when homeowners work with experts. Whether you plan to paint the kitchen, bathroom, or all room in the house, our house painters are equipped with the right skills and experience to complete the job. Portland Painter professionals consult with homeowners regarding cost estimates and requirements to achieve the best quality painting for their homes.

Commercial Building Painting

Painting commercial buildings can be extensive due to the large areas that need work. Most commercial buildings are spacious because they need to accommodate customers. For many places like warehouses, some particular type of paint might be required. Hence the need for commercial painting specialists.

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Interior Painting

Professional painting services are necessary to achieve high-grade interior painting for your house. Whether you are planning a full remodeling project or just a minor painting for a small area, you need premium colors and paint type. Portland OR Painter offers efficient and thorough painting services that will significantly impact your home's style. Some of the services we offer are cabinet refinishing and painting, consultations regarding paint colors and shades planning, staining, wallpaper removal, installation, etc. We also repair drywall, restoring it to its smooth condition for a smooth paint finish.

Exterior Painting

We deliver excellent quality results to enhance your home's exterior. The final product is a house that your neighbors and guests will appreciate. With our painting and staining services, your home's exterior will be protected from elements. Before starting the painting process for your deck and fence, our power washing services ensure that dirt, grease, mold, and other elements will be removed. This step helps ensure the surface is free of debris so that new paint is easily absorbed for a better finish.

Why Choose Us


Top Quality Work

Providing excellent quality work is our top priority to ensure that our clients are happy. Our experts use premium paint equipment and employ industry-standard techniques in painting your space.


Professional Team

Working with professionals is a guarantee that you will receive the best services for your painting project. We hire licensed and certified painters who are competent and passionate about their job.


Safety First

Proper equipment is necessary to paint high areas and hard-to-reach spaces. All our employees are equipped with safety gear before entering the premises and we make sure to protect your property from potential damages beforehand.


Work With Experience

Our painters are highly-experienced professionals who have been working in the industry for years. We have developed techniques and best practices and efficiency for any painting project.


Satisfied Customer

Our painting services receive positive reviews from our past customers. We partner with trustworthy manufacturers and vendors to ensure consistency in the product quality and the services we provide.


Affordable Price

We offer different packages of painting services for an affordable price range. Whether you are planning a minor paint job or a large-scale project, we guarantee that you will receive the best value for your budget with our help.

Frequently Asked Questions

A fresh coat of paint can be for your room or house to make the entire area more refreshing and brand new. It makes everything captivating. When it's time to change the paint, a professional can do much satisfactory job, but how much do painters charge per hour in Portland? On average, painters can charge for $49 per hour, and this may vary. It could also range from $40 to $60 per hour. Total cost may also depend on the scope of the project.

Giving your house a fresh new look would mean a lot of painting jobs to be done. You would like to know how much it costs to paint a house in Portland? It would depend on which part of your house needs a new paint job, whether for the interior or the exterior, and the entire area's size. So how much does it cost to paint a house interior and exterior in Portland? Here is the price difference:

1 storey house (1,000 square foot) - $2,500 to $6,000 (Interior and Exterior)

2 storey house (2,500 square foot) - $6,750 to $12,500 (Interior and Exterior)

3 storey house (4,000 square foot) - $10,000-$19,000 (Interior and Exterior)

When planning to makeover your room, new paint makes the project complete. A question in mind would be how much does it cost to paint a room in Portland? On average, it can cost $917 for a single room. The price can still increase. For a two-room, it could range from $1,223, and three rooms are $1,834, and for four rooms, this could cost $2,446.

Painting your kitchen cabinets, especially when doing a kitchen remodeling, can help you save time and money as well. But the question that you might have in mind is how much it cost to paint kitchen cabinets in Portland? On average, painting cabinets can range from $900 to $3,000. They charged $3 to $10 per square foot of the painting surface for professional painters or $50 to $100 per door. Price may vary depending on the layout, size, and other factors.

Garage floors are one of the most used. The floor will accumulate all the dust, oil stain, and other particles that may drop—the area where you parked your vehicles. A fresh new look can also help enhance the entire area's look, but how much does it cost to paint a garage floor in Portland? Painters will be checking the garage floor's condition, which may add more work where they would do sealing and paint. On average, this can cost from $0.78 per square foot and ranges from $0.57 to $0.99. Price for labor and the materials per square foot can cost $2.65 and can come in between $1.79 to $3.51.

When hiring a professional painter, it would depend on the scope of the job and other factors. But how much does it cost to hire a painter in Portland? On average, this will cost from $20 to $50 per hour or $200 to $500 per day. A professional painter can charge $300 to $800 to paint a 10 X 12 size of a room.

Painting a house includes the ceiling, but the cost may depend on how vast the project would be. A question in mind may be how much does it cost to paint a ceiling in Portland? Average 12 ft by 12 ft room ceiling will cost $150 to $350, which may also increase depending on your location and the quality of paint.

Choosing a new color for your room or your house brings a unique vibe to the area. Aside from the color, it is also essential to choose the paint finish. But how to choose a paint finish? The paint finish is an added layer that would make a different distinct look to your room. Here is the list of paint finishes that you can choose.

1. Flat

2. Eggshell

3. Satin

4. Semi-Gloss

5. High-Gloss


Painter Portland Client Image

Julia Q.

"A friend of mine recommended Painter Portland. I was surprised because when I told them how I want our old house to feel like, they presented me with colors and designs that I was actually looking for. I just cannot explain how happy I am with the appearance of our old house right now. Thank you, Painter Portland!"

Painter Portland Client Image

Kylie D.

"I called several painting contractors, but they cannot commit on such short notice. But Painter Portland is a blessing to me. With few instructions, they were able to get the job done. Our home is stunning, and my mom was ecstatic! 5 stars won’t be enough to rate this company! Terrific job!"

Painter Portland Client Image

Arthur R.

"If you want an affordable painting contractor, go with Painter Portland. They have the most affordable deals, their staff is extremely helpful too. I thought I already knew what I want, but these guys showed me their samples and their ideas are superb! They are the best painter here in Portland! Excellent job!"

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